Trip Schedule

Important - Please Read

  1. Day trips may happen on the day with the best conditions for the activities.
  2. Trips may be re-scheduled, relocated, or canceled based on conditions.
  3. Trip ratings are offered as a guideline only.
  4. Trip coordinators will have the final say on preparedness and capability of trip participants.
  5. A waiver must be signed by all participants on every trip
    1. Trip Administratin Page with Waiver Form Download

New ACC Policy for 2011 – 2012: Consistent with CAC recommendations avalanche transceivers must be digital,

multi-antenna transceivers; analog and single-antenna transceivers are no longer acceptable.

Each of these trips is rated according to the following scale:

-number of days,

-length of day, and

-technical difficulty,

SO A TRIP RATED (1 M E) would take place on one day, completed within 10 hours, and would pose few technical challenges.

Length: Technical Difficulty:

S = short (<6 hrs.) E = easy

M = medium (6-10hrs) M = moderate

L = long (>10hrs) H = hard

** Current trips are located on the Welcome home page Welcome Page in the PG Section Meets & Events Calendar **

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