Reading Material

Some Reading Suggestions:

Mike Nash, one of our own PG ACC members, reviewed four VP books in the just-published Fall-Winter 2020 issue of Cloudburst Magazine. They can be accessed online as follows:

To Live by Élisabeth Revol:

Winter 8000 by Bernadette McDonald:

Tour du Mont Blanc by Kingsley Jones:

Conquistadors of the Useless by Lionel Terray:

‘Winter 8000’ is timely as anticipation is building that the next few weeks may see the first winter ascent of the last 8,000 m peak to be so climbed, namely K2.

The full PDF or ISSUU version of the magazine can be freely downloaded from:, with the above reviews appearing on pages 20-27. As well, there is a remembrance on page 13 of Doug Scott from his visit to Prince George on November 11, 1997. His first request on picking him up at the airport was to go to the climbing gym which, alas, was closed for Remembrance Day.

Mike's review of volume 1, ‘Surveying the Great Divide: The Alberta/BC Boundary Survey, 1913-1917’ appeared in The Canadian Alpine Journal 2019, pages 186-187. You can read the Cloudburst version at:

January 25, 2021