Prince George Photo/Literary/Video Competition: 2010

12th Annual Photo Contest and 1st Annual Literary & Film Contest of the Alpine Club of Canada Prince George - 2010

Enjoy an evening of photographs, video, literature and fun, and help pick some of this year's winners!

Location: The Art Space - Books & Company

Time: Thursday March 25, 2010 at 7 p.m.

Admission: Free - All Welcome

Sponsored by:

The Alpine Club of Canada Prince George Section and Books and Company

Deadline for entries in all categories: Saturday March 13

Twelfth Annual ACC-PG Photo Contest Rules

Submissions are requested for the twelfth annual photo contest. As usual, there are the following categories:

A. Summer Mountaineering

B. Winter Mountaineering

C Canadian Mountain Scenes

D. International Mountain Scenes

E. Portraits

F. Flora

G. Fauna

H. Humor

I. Anything Goes

You may submit your photos by email (preferred) at, or drop off a CD at 1393 Garvin Street, PG, or call 563-6928 for a query or to make other arrangements.

The entry is the low, low fee of $1/image, so the more the better! Remember that you do not know what the judges are looking for, so the more you enter, the better your chances of winning! This year, we promise to show all images submitted.

Deadline for entries: Saturday March 13

First Annual Prince George Alpine Club Video Rules

All videos must:

  1. Be 1 minute long.
  2. Be submitted in avi, mov, mpg, or wmv format.
  3. Video files may not exceed 7MB
  4. Be family friendly

Videos will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. Creativity
  2. Motivation and inspiration
  3. Overall impact

You may submit your Video entry by dropping off a CD or DVD to the attention of Will Cadell at @ 1579-9th Ave.

Each entry must be followed by a cheque for $1.00 per entry, payable to “The Alpine Club of Canada Prince George Section”.

Deadline for entries: Saturday March 13

First Annual Prince George Alpine Club Literary Contest Rules

1. Maximum entry length: 300 words (fiction and non-fiction); 24 lines (poetry).

2. All entries must be original, unpublished, not a winner of a previous literary contest, not under consideration for publication during this competition, and the sole work of the entrant.

3. Each entry should be single-sided 8.5x11 (letter) size; formatted 12-point, font: Times New Roman, double-spaced (poetry may be single-spaced); media: white paper or electronic (Microsoft Word file).

4. Each entry should comprise a cover page and entry page(s):

Cover page:

• Name of entrant (writer/author)

• Date of entry

• Title of entry (same as title on entry page)

• Category (Mountain Literature; Adventure Travel; Exposition; Poetry)

Entry page(s):

• Title (same as title on cover page) and page number

• Submission

No author identification on the entry page(s) to ensure that pre-judging (in the event there are a large number of entries that must be short-listed) is blind.

5. Keep your originals—send only copies. Entries will not be returned and the Prince George Alpine Club will not be responsible for lost entries. All submissions are final: no changes or substitutions will be allowed and editorial comments will not be given on the entries.

6. The Prince George Alpine Club retains the rights to publish the winning entries in The North Call, ACC PG NEWS e-newsletter, the club website, and other Alpine Club of Canada (ACC) publications.

7. Multiple entries in all categories are welcome and may be mailed in one envelope or batched in one email.

8. The contest is open to members of the ACC.

9. Submission: You may submit your literary entry by email to Troy Zoner at No handwritten manuscripts or fax entries will be accepted. Each entry must be followed by a cheque for $1.00 per entry, payable to “The Alpine Club of Canada Prince George Section”.

10. Two Categories, Poetry & Prose:

Poetry: Mountain and/or climbing-related writing in a verse format, typically evoking one or more of beauty, emotion, intensity, insight, humor.

Prose: Factual discourse as well as topical and fictional writing, consider the following ideas:

· Mountain Literature: non-fiction and fiction stories on mountaineering, mountain history, mountain travel, mountain culture, mountain environment, mountain adventure and mountain or climbing experience of any kind.

· Adventure Travel: non-fiction and fiction stories about travel to, and exploration of remote and/or rugged landscapes and cultures.

· Exposition: informative, guide, self-help, and/or a ‘how-to’ account dealing with a physical activity in a mountain and/or climbing area.

11. Judging (or, if there are a large number of entries, final judging) of literary submissions will be by a ‘People’s Choice’ vote. The entries in each category will be read out aloud at the photo contest / literary contest on Thursday March 25th, 2010 at 7 p.m. at the Artspace above Books & Company, and voted on by the audience with a show of hands at the end of each category. The audience will be reminded to consider language, originality of subject and writing style. Each entry will be read by its author; or, if the author is unable to attend, by someone designated by the author; or, failing these options, by the M/C. A maximum of two minutes will be allotted to each reading. As an incentive to attend the contest evening, it might be reasonable to anticipate that an author would have a natural advantage in rehearsing and reading his or her own work. All decisions are final.

Deadline for entries: Saturday March 13